Sunday, August 17, 2008

So, speaking of building windmills

This is an article that annoyed me. Especially the line about how he's all disgusted that his father put windmills on his land because "he taught me to respect the land and he goes and does *this*?" (that's a paraphrase because I don't feel like reading the article again.) Uh... because burning thousands of gazillions of gallons of fossil fuels, shows, like, *respect* for the land?!

Also, if anyone feels like shelling out $50 to these people, I sure would like to see if you really can build a wind/solar system for less than $200 and even hook it up to the grid so the power company can pay you. (I just don't particularly feel like gambling $250 that I'll be able to do it. Dad? What about you? You're kinda freakishly good at stuff like that.)

BTW, here's a purty windmill picture I found in the (copyright free!) Wikimedia database. I used it in my tshirt designing frenzy. (Everything is starting to look like a possible tshirt design to me now. I've GOT to stop this cafepress addiction! I've already built THREE stores! Aaahgh!)


Anonymous said...

We're on it, Bear. We'll get back to you.
Love, mom and dad.

Michael (from Hnrs 150) said...

Are wind turbine really that ugly and annoying? Or is that 48-year-old just a big baby? The benefits and disadvantages of something like windmills ought to considered. But it doesn't matter what is done to create energy, it will always come at some cost.

[kɹeɪ̯g̊] said...

For a long time, he didn't speak to his father. He thought about leaving Yancey Road for good.

"Is it worth destroying families, pitting neighbor against neighbor, father against son?" asks John Yancey, whose family has farmed Tug Hill for generations. "Is it worth destroying a whole way of life?"

Wow, he sounds like a real ass.

Saving the environment and making money at the same time is "pitting father against son"?

What is this world coming to?