Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Things Students Will Do for Paper Extensions

wear ties around their heads

paint themselves with self-tanner in STRIPES!

Dress up like Miss Provo. (Isn't she pretty? She really is another beauty queen, it turns out.)

bring massive quantities of food.

lead the class in a cheerful round of aerobics a la Spongebob. (the pillow he's holding.)

Sing songs with a mouth FULL of marshmallows.

You can't completely appreciate the hilarity of this one, but he went outside (with the ties around his head) and did a "Crazy Chicken Dance" while we all watched from the window. All the people on the grass were staring at him, like, WTH?! Could be my personal favorite of all time.
PS: if anyone from class has a picture of Diehl, I accidentally deleted mine and he's SO not getting away without my posting it online!

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emily from honors 150 said...

I have videos of both Anna eating marshmallows and Michael dancing outside the Maeser. I will post them on youtube when I go home (away from BYU's internet censoring system). :D