Saturday, November 22, 2008

My microwave is trying to kill me

Every time I open the microwave in my office, it turns on. Like, the door is peacefully closed and the microwave is dark and then just because I decide to *open* the door, it decides to turn on--spewing forth waves of radiation directly at my abdomen.

My boss called to report the problem, but the techs couldn't reproduce it.


The microwave is trying to kill




Kathy said...

so weird!! I have never seen a microwave turn on with the door open!!

karen said...

Hmmmmmm...Did you spill something in it and not clean it up? Perhaps it's angry, and an angry applicance is a little scarey. Watch your back.

bff said...

How interesting that in the title it is *your* microwave. But in the post it is the *office* microwave, and there are technicians--Dr. bff sees deep psychological conflict and/or subliminal oven envy going on. Maybe all that radiation has addled your poor brain....

Kerry said...

dear bff,

as per our conversation this afternoon, consider the difference:

my microwave in the office

my microwave in a office

a microwave in a office

a microwave in the office

my microwave in my office

the microwave in my office

a microwave in our office

a microwave is TRYING TO KILL ME