Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Evening Conversation

superego (SE): if you don't ban yourself from the computer at night, you won't get those 57 books read by March.

id: me love computer! no!!!

SE: that's it. you're banned. no computer until your novel of the day (and you have to read a whole novel every day; no exceptions) is finished. also no TV.

ego: but House is on tonight! I LOVE House!

id: me love chocolate.

SE: banned!

ego: no!!!

id: no!!!

SE: [prevails]


My Diary said...

That darn super ego. I keep mine locked away quite nicely.

nicole said...

I sure hope you didnt' miss House last night. Sooo good.

Amanda/Mandy said...

So S.Ego sure wants you to continue as an insomiac.

Kerry said...

house is always good. always the same... but still always good.

and my superego apparently needs no sleep. just a finished dissertation. *&^%$ thing.

Kristin said...

I missed House!!? Keep it recorded for me please!!

Audra said...

Love the novel a day. Funny how time catches up to you. I thought you were ahead of the game with your PhD? Hmm. What happened?