Monday, January 12, 2009

Margie Mills! I'm feeling out my non-Mormon friends!

Feeling *OUT* people. sheesh. if y'all were Mormon you wouldn't go there, I'm sure.

So, I'm about to go out to dinner. And we all remember what happened last time I went out to dinner, right? Which got me wondering... Sometimes I go out to lunch/dinner with y'all. Sometimes in places with pretty drink menus.

So: Non-Mormon Friends:


Anonymous said...

I obviously picked the wrong time to try to quit the internet! Sorry about the anonymous commenting but I changed my google password to help in my absitnence efforts. And sorry about all the typos but I just had some champagne. Work-related champagne! Um anyway. I voted "other" and would like to register that in the text box they gave me I wrote "Thank god! Now I won't feel so guilty drinking in front of you." Pretty drink menus... you were totally in the olive garden, weren't you.

Kerry said...

Champagne at work! That sounds celebratory. Which is good, right?

Penelope said...

First I would totally cheer you on, as I'm completely evil. Then I would feel guilty about cheering you on because I know that I would be encouraging you to do something against your principles. Pretty soon I would be so overwrought that I'd need a drink myself.

Order me a strawberry margarita and we'll call it a day!!!


P.S.: The whole anti caffeine/ alcohol thing isn't a bad, by the way. I gave up diet Pepsi this year and I'll tell you that I already see a difference in my personality. I feel way less edgy.