Monday, May 18, 2009

The Oedipus Chronicles: Evening Conversation

Sam: "Hey, Mommy, did you know that when I grow up we're going to get married?"

Steve: "Haha. NO. You can't marry mommy because I already married her."

Sam: [shrugs, not seeing the problem.] "But, Daddy, by the time I'm YOUR age, you'll be so old that you'll be dead."

My favorite part: Even with Steve that old, I'm apparently still young/desirable enough to get married.


Carolyne said...

HA! Love little boys' thoughts! So funny!

When my brother was 2, he used to tell my mom to please wear that pretty lipstick cause it made him want to kiss her lips.

Anonymous said...

Our hearts are still melting with Sam's "reverse treasure hunt." He hid a 2-quart jar of pennies as a game he provided us so we wouldn't be lonely without him. We're giggling over the ingenious places he left them. We're still finding them two weeks later. (The jar is only 1/3 full!). Love your two kids, lady.
Grandma and Grandpa