Sunday, May 31, 2009

The other day Lily came home from Rumbi proudly accompanied by a huge pink milkshake/slushee thingy

Lily: "Here Mommy, this is to make you feel better."

Me: "Because I've been so stressed? Aw. Thank you."

Lily: "No, no. Because of your chin."

Me: "My chin?"

Lily: "Yes, this will help you feel better about your chin."

Me: "Is there something wrong with my chin?"

Lily: "Yes." [sympathetic nod followed by eyebrow crinkling.] "You know."

Then she pointed to a spot on my chin. Low and behold: a zit. I hadn't even really noticed it.

But Lily had. (And was apparently quite disturbed by it, too.)


Sarah said...

I love how funny your kids are! And I also love that my kid is not the only one with a fascination with scissors!

Emily said...