Friday, June 26, 2009

Things it's better not to count when you're in Wales

1) the $'s you just spent because the exchange rate spiked.
2) the number of carbs you just consumed.
3) the extra $'s you spent because your taxi driver could tell you had NO IDEA what you were doing.
4) the number of times you think, "OMG what is that smell?!"
5) the number of times you think, "OMG what happened to that dog's FACE?!"
6) the number of times you curse yourself for trying to pack light. (Note to self: underwear is NOT THAT HEAVY. And even though you think you'll be able to wash them in the sink, the truth is, you won't be able to do that very well. This is how you will end up smelling all European. Next time: pack more underwear.)
7) how many pounds your "light" suitcase ways in spite of your lack-of-underwear drama.
8)the number of times you drank out of the sink that said "do not drink this water" not because you couldn't read the welsh sign but because you couldn't find any other water and you were really thirsty.
9) how many people stare at you because you're a gazillion feet taller than they are.
10) clouds.
11) also lambs.


hmsgofita said...

There's got to be something good about your trip to Wales! I bet it was pretty! Were the folks nice?

Barb @ getupandplay said...

I love the "back from Wales" posts.

Anonymous said...

You are tired. Your suitcase "weighs" it doesn't "ways."

Love dad

Trisha said...

Are you in Wales? I'm out of the loop, I know you were there a couple years ago...

Mark- TCM said...

Back in the land of the sheep again, eh?!
Not sure about the "smelling all European" bit - although you're in Wales I am assuming you're not including good ole Blighty in that are you? :-)
There's certainly some "funky" Europeans living in Continental Europe!

Grégoire said...

jeez, taxi drivers rip you off, that's so western europe. in the middle east they try and pimp their friends (male and female) to you.

when i was a kid i learned to stay in the hotel nearest the scariest building. 'take me to the soviet embassy' (or ministry of interior offices) is much more sobering than 'no thanks, i'm not interested'.

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