Monday, June 01, 2009

Yesterday at church

we had a lesson on food storage. They gave us a list of everything we needed. Here is an excerpt:

16 cases hard red wheat
8 cases white rice
8 cases pinto beans
8 cases macaroni
1 goat (if needed)

(I tried to take a picture, but it was too fuzzy.)


bff said...

I love the way the goat is only needed if it's needed. It's like, repetitively redundant.

Anonymous said...

Did it have to be a goat, or could it be a sheep? I mean, if I'm going to heaven, I want my animals with me... :D

Kerry said...

I think it has to be a goat. Because you can't drink *sheep* milk or make *sheep* cheese. All you can do is weave yourself a greasy jacket. (and keep your lawn mowed.)(hmm... maybe I'll get BOTH.)

Amanda/Mandy said...

I love that we all need wheat and beans.... really how many of us eat wheat and beans on a daily, or even weekly, basis.

bff said...

Actually millions of folks live on sheep milk and cheese. Feta cheese is goat cheese, but I think mozzarella and mizithra are both sheep cheeses. Sorry to gross you out, but as one who has been to third world Europe, I calls it like I sees it.