Friday, September 04, 2009

Dear Students:

Let's say you're walking to school. And then let's say that while you're walking to school, you change your mind about walking forward in one cross walk and at the last second you turn and head into the other crosswalk. And then let's say that there is a car there, already turning.

And it runs over your foot.

Then let's say that the driver of the car realizes she's run over something and then she backs the car up.

And runs over your foot again.

In the event that this happens to you, you should not go to school that day. You should go directly to the hospital. But you SHOULD NOT WALK (or hop) to the hospital.

And then when you're done at the hospital, you should not, under any circumstance, go to class. Especially not my class. Because maybe a physics professor would tell you to go to class, but I'll tell you that you should go home and take a pain pill.

Just in case that ever happens.


Barb @ getupandplay said...

Please tell me that you just heard this story instead of being one of the people in it!

Kerry said...

it was my student. she came to class with an un-casted broken foot. she also insisted on going to ballet.

Amanda/Mandy said...

Wow!! Either you have a very dedicated student or one who is afraid of you and the ballet instructor. Did you do the whole mean teacher introduction again this year?