Monday, October 12, 2009

Evening Conversation

Sam: "Mommy. Why did you marry .that. man?!"

me: "You mean Daddy? What's wrong with Daddy?"

Sam: "Where do I START?!"

me: "He told you to go to bed, didn't he."

Sam: "He doesn't understand about my body. See, in the morning, my body has sleep. But at night? No sleep."

me: "Sounds like me."

Sam: "Oh, geez. You can take care of this, you know."

me: "How? I already take Ambien."

Sam: [shakes head] "You're still a pretty girl. You can find someone ELSE."

me: "Other than Daddy? But I like him."

Sam: "There's got to be someone else you can like. Maybe a friend? Maybe someone from work?"

me: "I think they'd make you go to bed, too."

Sam: "UGH. You people are IMPOSSIBLE."


Louise Plummer said...

This kid is a picture book in the making. He's practically writing them for you. He's hilarious.

bff said...

He went to sleep with gum in his mouth and now there's gum in his hair--wait. Taken. Still, Louise is right. He's totally Alexander-adorable.

Bre said...

i cant wait to have kids :0)

Sarah said...

Seriously - your kids could have their own show!

Kerry said...

Sam does tell me prettymuch everyday that he just really wants to be on TV...