Sunday, January 17, 2010

Morning Conversation

[just finished eating breakfast. we're all sitting at the table digesting. Lily's speech sorta comes from nowhere.]

Lily: "This isn't my house."

me: ?

Lily: "Beyond the mountains, far away, is *my* house."

me: ?

Lily: "It looks like Salt Lake, where there are alligators. Ew. And waiting for me in the house are puppies. They're not hatched yet, though. They came in eggs and they're waiting for me to get there so that they can break through the shell."

me: "And what does this house look like?"

Lily: "There are lights on the top."

me: "Like Christmas lights?"

Lily: "Mmm hmm. And it's purple and green, purple and pink."

me: "Good colors."

Lily: "And I have brothers and sisters there. Two brothers."

me: "What are they named?"

Lily: [doesn't even pause to think.] "Zeke and Zed."

me: "What about your sisters?"

Lily: "One is named Hawk and the other is named Leelee."

me: "Oh."

Lily: "And my mom, she's Hot."

me: "Naturally."

Lily: "No, that's her name. Hautte Simpson. And my dad he's named Lyse."

me: "Interesting."

Lily: "I have a big family there. Not like this family. This family is little."

me: "Comparatively speaking."

Lily: "I also have two babies. Hawkzeke and Hawkzekezokes. Hawkzeke doesn't have a tongue, but he eats vegetables. And also baby food."

me: "You can buy baby food jars of vegetables."

Lily: "Yes, but I buy all of his food at a special store on the edge of California."

me: "That's a long way to go for baby food."

Steve: "Well, California is beyond the mountains, too. Maybe her house is close."

Lily: [ignores us.] "I suppose you can come visit me. But I don't have a ding-dong. You're going to have to knock."


Barb @ getupandplay said...

What a crack up! She has some good ideas, there, though- maybe in twenty years she'll be the next James Cameron.

Trisha said...

Maybe that was some crazy dream she had! I'm quite the dreamer too, don't know if I was that young though.

lyse. hi. said...

oh my gosh... I'M FAMOUS NOW!! Also, I'm a little offended that Lily thinks my name is manly. But still. She subconsciously remembers me!

whirligigdaisy said...

I see that Sam now has some competition in the funny conversation department.

Sarah said...

Okay, so I REALLY loved that novel you wrote, but you might want to consider children's lit. The dialogue that comes from the mouths of your children should be shared with the world!

Online Degrees said...

Maybe that was some crazy dream she had! I'm quite the dreamer too, don't know if I was that young though.