Thursday, April 15, 2010

In Which Sam Receives Some Advice From a Wiser (if Smaller) Friend

[Sam is on timeout next to me for fighting with Lily. Something involving 'pottie' and 'bum-bums.' He doesn't want to be on timeout. He wants to be playing with his friends Adam and William who are visiting. So he's thrashing around and screaming and generally causing a ruckus.]

me: "Sam. This behavior is inappropriate."

Sam: [thrashes and screams and generally causes a ruckus.]

me: "Sam. Do you want your friends to go home? Because you're acting like you want your friends to go home."

Sam: [thrashes and screams and generally causes a ruckus.]

me: "Okay. I'm going to go tell your friends to get in the car."

[Sam's friend Adam appears in the doorway.]

Adam: "Do you think maybe I could try to talk to him before we do that?"

me: "Why not."

Adam: [pats Sam on the shoulder.] "Buddy, buddy. Let's talk."

[Sam calms down a little.][Adam squats down to Sam's eye-level.]

Adam: "I know you don't want to be here. That you don't want to be in trouble."

me: "This is my Mom's fault! I don't know what she WANTS from me!!"

Adam: "I know, man. I know. I can see that you're *suffering.* I can see it."

Sam: [nods]

Adam: "But you know? It just has to *be* like this. Okay?"

Sam: [takes a ragged breath.] "Okay, Okay."

[Adam's the one with glasses doing the peace sign. I think he should join the U.N. Just saying.]


Elise said...

I want that kid at my house.

The crazy Shaw Family said...

Wow, I need a class from that kids mom! He is awesome!