Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lily: On What Went Wrong

[It's night-time and it's raining. Raining HARD. Lily decides it's the perfect weather for a swim-suit. Without my knowing, she then goes outside in the dark, freezing, rain. I think she's watching TV in her room. Which is why it's confusing when I hear a baby crying from outside.]

Lily: [crying]

me: [confused]

Lily: [still crying]

me: [think maybe I should make sure it's not *my* baby crying] "Hey, Lily! Everything okay?"

Sam: "I'm OK Mom!"

me: [realize that I haven't heard from Lily] "Lily?"

Lily: [indecipherable babbling, definitely coming from far away.]

me: [get up, look around house for Lily. realize that she must be outside and go to the back door where I see a bikini-wearing spirit-like tiny white thing running through the yard toward me.]

Lily: [crying]

me: "Lily? Why were you outside in the rain? It's thirty degrees out there. And you're in a swimsuit."

Lily: [indecipherable babbling (Lily is actually quite a good talker; just not when she's crying). something about wanting to take a shower.]

me: "You wanted to take a shower?"

Lily: "Yes! and play in the playhouse."

me: "But it was too cold?"

Lily: "And dark! It was so, so, so dark! There was NOTHING THERE."

me: "And you didn't like the playhouse in the dark? Was it because you were lonely?"

Lily: "It was because I thought it would make me happy! and it DIDN'T!"

me: "Okay. Come cuddle with Mommy and get warm."

Lily: "Only if I can have a bottle."

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