Friday, July 02, 2010

Like a Hotel... Except With A Camera, A Nineteen Year Old Tech Watching You Sleep, and a Disembodied Voice that Tells You to do Stuff!

I did a sleep study thing last night and it was actually fairly restful! No babies waking me up with potty problems in the middle of the night, no one telling me to go to bed, no one to wake up when I watched TV at 3AM.

oh, and also, I was hooked up to so many wires that I looked like this:

And that doesn't even count the wires on my chest, stomach and legs.

(photo taken with an illegal cell phone, but totally worth the added drama!)(even though the live feed video cameras in the room made it less than a secret...)(so I guess not that much drama after all.)

ps: why is it that doctors can tell you to do so many creepy things and it somehow seems less creepy? (I want to watch you sleep! OK. I'm going to need you to wear this breezy gown. OK. I'm going to jab needles in your arm. OK. Hmm.)


Catherine said...

oh Kerry, you have any other problems? It seems like you don't have enough going on in your life yet. ;)

Sending you my love.

bff said...

Done THREE of these; they are a kick in the pants, huh? I ended up with a CPAP machine, which means they say, "Here, strap this elephant-hose thingy to your nose for the night, turn it on so it blows a steady stream of air into your nostrils constantly; put the other straps over the top of your head so that if you move, the suction comes off and the machine makes a gawdawful noise. SEE how much BETTER you sleep now?!?!?!"

Barb @ getupandplay said...

You look surprisingly cheerful in that picture, which just goes to show how much you hate midnight potty problems, right?

Mark- TCM said...

Potty problems at any time of te day are a pain, but potty problems in the middle of the night are the worst.
I stumble out of bed in a zombie state to discover "the mess" and somehow manage to clear it up, change little 'uns sheets (or throw a towel over if it's minor) then stumble back to bed. By this point I'm nearly awake.
D'ya know the worst thing about dealing with middle of the night child-based occurences? When my better half suggests I dreamt it up - hah! :-)
Oh, almost forgot to mention, I like the wires on the face look - very fashionable. The kids around campus will be copying it very soon, mark my words!

joven said...

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joven said...

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Johnna said...

Is this from one of the SAW movie sequels?