Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dr. Para-Mili-Lily

Because Steve is hilarious like that, he met with a (female) surgeon yesterday to talk about Lily's future.

Steve: "She needs a lot of regimentation. Is that compatible with being a surgeon?"

Surgeon: "She could be a military surgeon."

Steve: "Yeah, they're never on the front lines!"

Surgeon: "Actually, we've been able to boost survival recently by putting special teams of them on the front lines."

Steve: "Oh. Well, if she was a regular surgeon, would she be, like, the only girl there? Those Gray's Anatomy male-female ratios can't be right, can they?"

Surgeon: [shrugs] "Actually, I think Seattle may be just like that. Maybe the interns don't sleep with the attendings in real life. Or I dunno. Maybe they do. It's Seattle."

Steve: "So you didn't train in Seattle?"

Surgeon: "I was in the South. Only female in the program. For some reason, it seemed like it would be better to do it that way."

Steve: "To help ensure a social life because of all the guys at work?"

Surgeon: "No, there's no time for a social life. Not until you're in your like, mid-thirties."

Steve: "That's OK. Lily probably won't have very good socializing skills anyway. I mean... she's only four. And we like her. But even at four you can tell what someone's talents are. Comprehending the... niceties... of social behavior is probably not Lily's talent." [She may have a future in cutting up bunnies, though! See the Nurse Jackie link two posts ago.]

Surgeon: "I've got a 16 month old. I totally know what you mean."

Steve: "So you had enough time to have a big enough social life to have a baby, at least!"

Surgeon: "Absolutely. Just not until later than normal humans."

Thus, in honor of Lily's future career as a front-lines surgeon, here is her videotape audition for military kindergarten:

Just kidding about the military kindergarten. I don't think they have those. (Do they?)


Barb @ getupandplay said...

The best part is her Pippi Longstocking horizontal braid. I love it.

PS- My word verification is "burglari". Coincidence?

Mother Goose said...

Very impressive climbing skills!