Sunday, October 03, 2010

Okay, people. Whose God WAS that? Seriously!

Y'all remember how ON FRIDAY (it was Saturday when I meant to start this post, due to the fact that it's 12:30AMish on Sunday right now, that WOULD have been only YESTERDAY if I'd done my blogging on time. but I digress) on just this FRIDAY I posted a call for people to pray to whatever kind of God they wanted (I was desperate; desperation leads to open-mindedness) for my open wounds to friggin start to close and not be open anymore already.

Here's the thing.

Overnight, they shrunk more than HALF. In HALF, people! OVERNIGHT. (in HALF!)

And these are wounds that had not shrunk at ALL for more than THREE WEEKS. And this happened OVERNIGHT. Within ONE DAY of asking y'all to pray.

So I want to know: Whose God was it?

So far our only confessors are my SIL, Barb (most of us know her religion) and my blog pal Majato whose body is his temple and whose religion is his beer.

Fess up. Conversion is on the table.

And also, thanks for praying. To all your Gods.


Kathy said...

yeah! So Happy for you! Oh and I really think I want to go and buy some of your anti-pee cream...

Karie said...

Well, I prayed too. So there's another one for the LDS. And if someone puts you on the temple prayer rolls, who knows what will happen?

MaJaTo said...

Guilty as charged - not bad for an Athiest, eh?!
Mind you, with my beer belly I could be mistaken for Buddha!

Marty and Peggy said...

It was the mommy and daddy prayers. They trump everything except Sam and Lily prayers. We love you four.