Saturday, July 30, 2011

Surreal Morning Conversation

Lily: "Omigosh I really love this lint brush! It's so fun to clean the house!"

Sam: "I know, right?! I keep folding these towels and it's SO FUN. I just want to do more and more of it."

Lily: "I got to fold two baskets of towels."

Sam: "Lucky. But I am luckier because I scrubbed the bathtub."

Lily: "No fair!"

Sam: "Tomorrow, I am going to start doing ten chores EVERY DAY."

Lily: "I'm going to do TWELVE!"

Friday, July 08, 2011

Lily: On Cleaning the Bathroom

Lily: "When you clean the toilet, you've got to really scrub, you know? You've got to get in there. Get it so clean that it looks like a GIRL's bathroom."

Last night this not-so-little fellow ran across Steve's chest

There was only a little screaming.

Copious Google searching leads us to believe that he's a "Wolf Spider." He certainly is wolfish.

Turns out he was living in the window air conditioning unit we just brought in from the garage. Note to self: next time, do not ignore the spider webs you saw on the filter. Where there are webs, there might be wolves.