Thursday, July 26, 2007

It's not the stigmata's fault

You may have noticed that I haven't been posting tons the last two days. I know that the Virgin Mary post said I probably wouldn't be able to type much because of my smashed finger. But, actually, the finger hasn't been hurting too bad. After that first throbbing day, the next day it was just numb and now it's just a little bit tender. Not enough to stop typing.

It's my *internet* that hasn't been working. I was going to go to the public library today to post something and to check my email, but for some reason the internet seems to be working at the moment. Who knows when it will stop again!


Mark- TCM said...

Hmmm, I wondered where you were. Doesn't help that Technorati's "My favourite blogs" widget-thing says you site hasn't been updated for 5 days so I didn't bother stopping by!

Mark Total Client Marketing

Steve said...

It's all my fault and now it is working. So all the lovely visitors come back to my lovely wife's blog!

k said...

How is it your fault?