Sunday, July 08, 2007

Look what we made!

This is Sam's big boy bed. It started out ten or so years ago as Aunt Kristin's bed. (My dad designed and built it cause he rocks.) But there wasn't any big guard rail on top. And when I was Sam's age, I pushed this girl off the bunk bed (she was bugging me) and she broke her arm. All quite traumatic. (The very first thing I ever published was an essay about that very experience!)

Since I wanted it to be really, really, hard to jump off the top of the bunk bed, I designed the above castle thing. Then, my dad (because he rocks) actually built it. And then I painted it with the faux granite spray paint that's really gross. And then Grandma Bevie made the cute little curtains so that Sam first wouldn't have the sun shine on his face in the morning, second would be a little warmer in the winter, and third could hide from ALL of us.

It was a totally awesome group effort and I totally love this thing!