Sunday, July 29, 2007

myspace sux

tried myspace for a week and totally hated it! random ugly strangers were always hitting on me with their full-body-tattooed naked pictures. and then they'd try to get me to chat all the time. CREEEEEPY. seriously.


Kimberly said...

It's all about Facebook these days. You can keep your profile private. I've reconnected with tons of old friends...luuuurve it.

k said...

i'm a fan of facebook, too. that's why I didn't think that myspace would be so bad! but it was! hey, I don't know your last name. but mine is spencer. find me on facebook and we'll be friends!

Reid said...

I still don't like facebook much. MySpace is my favorite, probably because I don't have to worry about hairy guys sending me naked pics.

My feeling on MySpace is that its the new hitchhiking. It was cool for a while, but then all of the molesters ruined it.

Anonymous said...

MySpace is just too cluttered and I really like blogging better. I signed on to communicate with my family around the country, but none of them blogged...I just don't get the point!!

Penelope said...

I think blogging has a more sophisticated clientele than myspace. I think it has to do whith the pletora of teenagers and perverts.

Whatever, I've never been harassed on blogspot. Furthermore, I've never seen a myspace page without harry dudes with tatoos and skanky woman on myspace.