Sunday, July 08, 2007

One more body fluid to add to the day's tally


Sam had an unfortunate encounter with a roll of wrapping paper.

I'm kind of impressed that he actually managed to hurt himself with that thing!


Audra said...

What is the deal with body fluid? AND how do your comments show up on your blog?

k said...

Way back at the beginning of the blog I had this total body fluid meltdown when I realized that all that stuff they tell you about motherhood being about love and joy and blah blah blah was total BS. What motherhood was *really* about was body fluids. All day. Every day. Until you drown in them.

I'm not sure about the comments question. Are your comments not showing up? Because I can see them. Or do you mean the comments on the sidebar? If you mean those, I downloaded a widget. It was really easy. Not nearly as hard as learning how to deal with the HTML for the links and the sitemeter. I think there's a little thing you can click on that says "download this widget" or something right under the comments.