Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Remember that Betty the Fish Story?

This is the original version. Apparently, Kristin wrote it when she was, like, 9 years old. I was fascinated by it because it didn't fit the traditional story cycle, but it did follow a pattern that half of my girls in my class followed when I made them do that wrong-handed writing exercise. Kristin, who's in my class now, totally ripped herself off and just retold a story she made up when she was little. But it's pretty cute, anyway. So here it is.

In case it's too hard to read, here's the text: "Betty the Fish. Once there was a fish his name was Betty. the fish his owner was kristin. He loved her. the worst day of his life is when we had to clean out tank. I love my fish. and he love me two. the end."

yay for cute kids and the stories they tell!


Kristin said...

Te He!! I was 7. Earlier Karie said that I was lonely but I think I might have been traumatized at watching the fish suffer when we had to catch him in the net and take him out of his home to clean the tank! It was awful seeing the fish flop around out of the water! I love my fish!! We really need to find the original transcripts for "Halloween, Halloween, witches and cats, Vampire bats! Halloween, Halloween..." Mom that's your next assignment!

Mom said...

I got it. In your file. Will send it on when it's not so late.

Love you two.

Mom said...

Kristin was 7 years old and two months when Betty the Fish was written. She was a much more accomplished writer at 9. :)

Marty said...

As our old computer was dying, I tried to save as many things as I could. I couldn't figure out how to save this story electronically - so I just took a picture.

Love Dad