Saturday, July 07, 2007

Speaking of the state coming...

Okay, this is really sad but it is also kind of funny. We used to have these totally white trash neighbors. There were somewhere between 5 and 9 kids there (it was hard to tell, and, frankly, the guy had so many kids from so many different women that it would vary) and the kids were always coming to use my bathroom because their mom locked them out and stuff.

This one time, one of the kids was talking to me about who his brothers were. He looked up at me with his dirty cute little white trash face and said, "I used to have another brother...but the state took him away!"

Whenever police cars drove by, they'd all dive in the bushes so the state wouldn't take them away, too.

Okay, it was funny until that last sentence. Then it was just sad!

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Kimberly said...

Very, very sad. Poor kids. There's a family in our branch whose kids I feel so bad for, and wouldn't be surprised if were taken away at some point. But then I think, at least they're not being abused (not physically anyway). There always is someone worse off, isn't there?