Sunday, July 01, 2007

You are what you eat

Just a few seconds ago, Sam said to me, "You ate Lily, huh."

To which I said, "Huuuh?"

"Because she was in your tummy. But it was a baby and not food!"

I realized he was referring to my formerly pregnant stomach.

Then he said, "And you ate me, too! I was a baby, not food, too. And now I'm a big boy!"

Um . . . yeah. That's sort of it. (I did, after all, make them out of cheerios and bluberries flitered through placenta.)


Barb said...

I'm so glad Sam has latched onto the concept that Babies are not Food. It's an important one.

Peggy said...

I Lol'd to Barb's comment.

k said...

Yeah, Barb. I could totally hear your voice when I was reading that comment. Pretty dang hilarious dry wit there, kid!