Friday, October 05, 2007

Wales! The Super Quiz!

All of the following statements are either true or false. Please post your answers in the comments section. I'm not going to promise a prize for the winner, cause I can't think of anything that good, honestly; but if you guys can think of something I want to give, then I totally will give a prize.

1) It's okay that you don't speak Welsh because everyone in Wales also speaks English.

2) Old Welsh men break into opera songs a lot.

3) The Welsh are very anti-American.

4) But the Welsh really love the English, so if you're an American, you should consider putting on a fake London accent so they'll be nicer to you.

4) KFC is very popular in Wales. So is Subway (the restaurant, not the mode of transportation).

5) But, really, there is so much good food in Wales that why would you ever want to go to KFC?

6) BYU is totally right to be all proud of its dress code, because immodest dressing is a big problem at the University of Wales.

7) Oh, and students at the University of Wales drink a lot of alcohol. Mostly really cold wine in plastic cups and not the hard stuff, though. And they like to drink with Twix candy bars on the side.

8) Wales and England are basically the same country.

9) It's really easy to get to Bangor, Wales, from London. All you do is hop on a train.

10) Welsh hotel owners might not call you back when you try to make a reservation, but that's because Welsh people prefer to do all business face to face.

11) No professor at the University of Wales would EVER have an affair with one of their tutees.

12) When you fly to Wales and you get bumped up to Business Class because you have the best father in law EVER, there is this secret room they let you in at the airport that has a buffet of food and a full bar and massage chairs and showers and places to plug in your laptop and a bunch of other stuff that should probably be kept secret so that the proletariat masses don't revolt.

13) It takes three days to get to Wales.

14) They totally understand the concept of chastity in Wales.

15) The best place to get food in Bangor is at the grocery store.

16) Jet lag is a b*&^% and can make you literally vomit.

Okay, I think that's enough for now.

Yay for being back!


Barb said...

12. T
13. T
14. T
15. T
16. T

I don't need a prize because I already LOVE my presents you brought back for me! (Now all your blog friends will be jealous!)

Mark- TCM said...

Living in England I think I've got an unfair advantage so I'll stay out of this one. Iechyd da!

Audra said...

I think they are all true, because I believe anything I read and I have been no where.

Missed ya. Glad you are back!