Sunday, December 23, 2007

Congratulations to the Highly Effective Cartoon Network Marketing Department!

We were driving around and looking at Christmas lights, but Sam was being a bit Scroogish and just wanted to go home.

Me: "We can't go home, Sam! We're having a Merry Christmas time!"

Sam: [disdainful voice] "Not every day is a Merry Christmas day, Mommy."

Me: "Really? When *is* it a Merry Christmas day, then?"

Sam: "It's only Christmastime when the Cartoon Network says it is, Mommy."


Barb said...

Funny! Lily and Sam were hilarious tonight at the party, showing off for everyone!

Zp said...

Turn. Off. That. Television. Leave. Daddy's. Work. At. WORK.