Saturday, January 19, 2008

All I did was carve a clay form, get a blowtorch, and melt down a hunk of gold into the predetermined lines of the form. It's not like it was *hard.*

My bff friggin *made* this for me.

I'm in awe.


Barb said...

Pretty! I am VERY impressed! What a thoughtful and special gift!! (Keep it away from Lily!)

Anonymous said...

Well, no I didn't cast it, which is what you described, because I didn't have the kiln I'd need to cook the forme in. So I fabricated it, which meant I sort of *did* bend the gold like paper clips, and cut them into pieces of the right shape and then I melted the *solder*--which is also gold but it's alloyed to bond with the other gold at a lower melting point--at the joints, and then I filed the scale off and sanded down the surfaces, and I high-polished the yellow gold but used a burr-finish on the white (for contrast and of course deeply symbolic reasons). Then setting the big stone was easy, but the smaller round one was a bitch, as you know, so we cheated.

But since we're us, we can make the cheating into a symbol too. It was really good times; I've been away from goldsmithing for a long time and I can't tell you how exhilarating it is to get a chance to get back to it. So this looks like false modesty, but thanks for "needing" me to do this. You know I wouldn't have taken the time unless.