Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Just two more reasons that living in Utah will turn you into a feminist

Both found in today's "Police Beat" (from the BYU Daily Universe, I think; my co-worker read them to me). One is just silly. The other is just *wrong.*

1) Police called to the scene because an adult, MALE, duck was found wandering (without permission!) in the FEMALE dorm.

I mean, was it a "dirty" duck? or what?

2) Police called to the scene because a "suspicious" man is spotted near the Wymount playground, watching children play. When questioned, the man reveals that he is (ick!) babysitting his nephews.

So, like, a man actually caring for children is suspicious enough that someone would friggin call the police?!

This state could even make my *mom* feminist.


Johnna said...

I'll bet the guy had a beard, or at least hair reaching his collar.

When I was in college, I'd had rather shoo the duck out myself than have a male police office on the dorm floor.

But we should all be feminist, for any reason.

Man o Steel said...

I got a kick out of one a while ago about a guy banned from the library because he fell in love with one of the librarians. He apparently interpreted her helpfulness as a sign of interest.

I wonder how many times the ducks have been mentioned in Police Beat? I swear they are featured in it every other week. Either someone is stealing them or complaining about them or what have you.

Jaime said...

Hi Kerry, I just discovered your blog from the facebook note about Kristin’s auction. I love it and I can’t stop reading it! I would have thought that a Mormon feminist was an oxymoron but I’m so glad it’s not! :) I remember when your mom once said that I was “maybe too much of a women’s libber” But to be fair, that came after I started a sentence with “Last semester in woodshop class I…” haha You’re an inspiration of funny and insightful writing! I think I should start my own blog too.
Jaime (Matheron)

Kerry said...

I'm so glad you like it, Jaime! thanks for reading!