Sunday, July 20, 2008

Holy Crap my baby is a GENIUS!!

Scene: We're all sitting around a picnic table in the woods. Lily is bored because there is no television in the forest and without a television, she can't watch Barney. So, she comes and sits on my lap (only EXTREME boredom could possibly drive her to seek physical contact) and watches me write people's names on a paper plate. After a bit, she starts suggesting people for me to write. Then she gets bored with me writing and grabs the pen out of my hand.

I figure she'll scribble for awhile, since that's what babies do. I start to engage in grown up conversation. Something very mature like who passes gas more often at night or who thinks that hiking naked is a super fun idea.

After a minute, though, I look down at the paper plate and see that Lily has written this:

Now, I'm not hallucinating, right? My itty-bitty can-hardly-talk 26-month-old baby did just create a readable likeness of her own name, right? Without me ever really teaching her how or drilling her with flashcards the way my parents did when I was a baby?!

Oh my goodness, the kid might just be able to make good on her plans for world domination!! Be AFRAID!


Erin Spenc said...

Holy cow! She really is a smart girly. How cool that she wrote her own name.

Barb @ getupandplay said...

She is a little (evil?) genius! Love that girl. She spent about an hour playing dress up with all my jewelry and make up on Saturday, then traipsing all over the house admiring herself in every mirror she could find.