Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My favorite news stories of the day

It turns out that all those people who hate fat people might be more likely to, yanno, DIE. heh.

Puking while pregnant means a girl is more likely Wasn't true for me, but fascinating nevertheless. (I puked 10 months of a 9 month pregnancy and had trouble gaining weight--read: not losing--with Sam; even had a home nurse to give me IV's. Only puked for 5 months with Lily. Then I managed to gain 77 pounds in four months. Dude.)

Those Mormons--because EVeryone knows that there is ABSOLUTELY NO difference between Mormons and Fundamentalist Mormons--are raised to be superfreakykillers. Published by Fox News. Who we all know is run by the Evangelical Mafia. And we all know how Evangelicals feel about Mormons. And don't get me started on the Mormons who think we're basically the *same* as the Evangelicals. (My students can attest to this.)

And this one is just so awesome that that's all I'm going to say.


The BYU Common Sense Kid said...

They didn't ever use the words "Mormon" or "LDS" or even "FLDS." It's the "Church of the Lamb of God." I'm sure there are people who are foolish enough to think that Mormons, Fundamentalist Mormons and Straight Up Evil Polygamist's are all the same. But it isn't FOX News's fault.

Btw, I'm the guy with the ties on his head. ;) I don't know if you noticed, but I'm very opinionated. If you want to see me pontificate then check out my blog. Seriously. I need more visitors.

Penelope said...

Yep, the LeBaron's did for Mormons what David Koresch did for the Evangelical Protestants.

I am totally stealing "evangelical mafia" by the way. That is AWESOME.