Friday, October 24, 2008

Current Events Quiz answer!

Cherie was actually on NPR the other day, which is how I know, but:

1) She and tony do NOT have two children; they have at least three and possibly four. (I couldn't tell if her "unplanned" final pregnancy was her third or fourth, but they did call her a "mother of three" at least once.)

2) Steve and I were at that State Department meeting. But nobody even remotely famous was. So I'm pretty sure that this included the Blairs. [Although, there were some *local* celebrities there, so I guess that might count as "remotely" famous; your call.]

3)Cherie Never once mentioned B.G. Maybe they're secret fans, but I am unaware of it.

4)I'm also guessing that if their first baby was a petri dish baby, it would have come up. It didn't.

Which leaves only #5!

Cherie and Tony did--in fact!--meet each other for the first time when they were competing against each other for a scholarship to law school. She won.

Yay for Mrs. Smartiepants!!


SpAz said...

My answer was better... :(

Kate said...

4 kids, Euan, Nicholas, Kathryn and Leo.
(Leo was the unplanned one. A result of not taking any contraception to Balmoral "in case of embarassment")
Oh God. I know to many stupid facts about my ex PM's wife.

Love the blog btw.

Kerry said...

Spaz--were you the one that said that we both love Miss Provo? that was the only "other" answer I could get to show up, even though it said there were two people who answered "other."

kate--I'm sure some of our useless Sarah Palin trivia knowledge would make you feel better about everything you know about Cherie! i think you *have* to know stupid information about politicians. at least, with the press, you can't avoid it!