Monday, October 06, 2008

If four year olds understood irony, life would not be nearly as hilarious

post-operative Sam has been throwing a lot of tantrums. (especially when he's due for his opioid-based pain medicine...)

this afternoon:

Sam: [incomprehensible babble] "you are NOT the boss of this house! I am IN CHARGE of everything!" [pokes at me angrily with his finger]

me: [laughter] "heh. you're hilarious."

Sam: [incomprehensible babble] "NOT HILARIOUS. the BOOSSSSSS!!!" [more angry poking]

me: [more laughter]

Sam: [angry incomprehensible babble][poking becomes painful]

me: "this is getting boring."

Sam: "THE BOSS!@!@!"

me: "do you need more Lortab?"

Sam: "No! I need ANGRY!!!"

me: "alrighty. if you don't need more pain medicine, I'm going to put you in your room. you're making my head start to hurt." [I guide him into his room and shut his lock-less door.]

Sam: "you have to let me out of here because I AM IN CHARGE OF THIS HOUSE!!!!"

uh... obviously.


Trisha said...

Thats awesome!!! Poor boy though, not a fun healing process to go through. Gotta love all the crazy that comes out of them though! And I have posted one video, not sure why it won't let me do it again, maybe its too big.

Barb @ getupandplay said...

Poor baby. He was so inconsolable earlier today. Finally, it clicked that he probably needed some more medicine.

Swanky Mommy said...

Don't we ALL need some angry sometimes? Like yesterday when I got ANOTHER ticket? I swear, I should have a PhD in traffic school these days. Maybe I just need some Lortab . . . sigh.