Friday, January 30, 2009

Evening Conversation: Body Fluids Edition

me: [using the restroom]

Lily: Mama! [babies apparently think toilet time is perfect for chatting. hence: you never get to go to the restroom alone.]

me: Baby!

Lily: [sympathetic frown and nod] You go poo-poo in your pants?

me: No, I made it to the toilet. But thanks for asking.

Lily: [sympathetic frown turns to philosophical frown] Poo-poo is yucky.

me: I'm glad you're finally realizing this.

Lily: Yeah. Poo-poo is yucky. Don't eat it!

me: Congratulations on learning your first major life lesson.

Lily: [laughs and walks away] Don't go poo-poo in your pants, Mommy!


Barb @ getupandplay said...

She is so funny as she figures out the world...

My Diary said...

So funny. And great advice from your little angel.