Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Afternoon Conversation: Statistics Edition

[We're in line to check out at Wal-Mart]

Sam: [looking sideways at a $5 set of Legos] "Mom? How good do you think I've been this trip?"

Me: "How good do you *think* you've been?"

Sam: "Hmm... I'd say I've been about 50% good."

Me: "Not, like, 51% or 52%?"

Sam: "No. Just 50%. But that's divided between two stores."

Me: "I think that might be a skewed sample."

[I bought him the Legos. Just cuz he made me laugh. I'm soft like that.]


Trisha said...

I would have folded too! What a funny kid. I caved and bought Ava this squishy, crazy light up ball thing just because of her reaction to it, it was worth the money!

Spencer G said...

I am loving Sam.

Mark- TCM said...

I would've bought the lego for myself :-)

Kerry- I've posted a handful of Eurodisney pics just for you!