Sunday, March 08, 2009

Dang you, George Bush!

Daylight savings isn't supposed to be in MARCH!! We had a hard time remembering it when it was always during conference! How the heck are we supposed to remember it NOW?!

That's all. We're an hour late to church so I have to go.


Kristin said...

SERIOUSLY!! I was like, it's not daylight savings until the prophet says so!!

Anonymous said...

The whole Daylight Savings thing is such a crock! We don't gain or lose anything, we just mess up our body clocks for a few weeks! Sheesh.

Swanky Mommy said...

Why the picture of George laughing raucously? I don't know but I almost peed my pants laughing. I haven't blog stalked you in awhile. Sigh. Miss yer guts.