Friday, February 05, 2010

Did you not get the memo? 5 year olds = Not Allowed to Judge Me

[Sam and his friend are walking through the house]

Sam's friend: "Why do you have so much stuff everywhere?"

Sam: "Want to play legos?"

Sam's friend: "Is this the room your cat sleeps in?"

Sam: "I don't have a cat."

Sam's friend: "Why does it smell like cat poop, then?"

Sam: "We had a dog once. And a fish. The fish died."

Sam's friend. "Your house is really a mess."

Sam: [says nothing]

Sam's friend: "Why is your house such a mess?"

It reminded me of this one time a few years ago when we all had parasites and no one cleaned the house for two months. When I could finally stay upright for twenty minutes without fainting, I called one of those cleaning ladies in the phone book for help.

She said no. My house was too messy for her.



nicole said...

Hey - I saw the house with my own two eyes a few weeks ago and it was clean. You have witnesses.

Elise said...

LOL!! Little kids are so rude. haha.

CSIowa said...

I think it's a 5-year-old thing. I once threw an Alice in Wonderland tea party for my daughter's entire kindergarten class, at my house. Among many other insane things that I no longer do, I had made White Rabbits and March Hares out of scoops of vanilla and chocolate ice cream, coconut, and paper ears--enough of them to be covered regardless of which flavor any of the eighteen children preferred. One child brought hers up to me moments after I served it to her, saying, "I just tried this and it's just gross." I'm not bitter or anything. I just remember it like yesterday even though it has been twelve years.