Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Seeking Advice

That's right. I'm asking for it, people!

Let's say you have found the most amazing massage therapist on the planet. You had a headache for 6 months straight and he made it go away in one hour. You fractured your &^%$ spine and couldn't move for like a year until he got his hands on you and now you're almost thinking you might be able to run a step or two. Any knot EVER he can get out. He's like a seriously gifted not-just-relaxing-but-truly-MEDICAL massage therapist.

And let's say that he TOTALLY creeps you out. You're not sure if he's on crack, is a whore, some combination of the two, or (even though you suspect he prefers men) he totally likes touching naked bodies.

WHAT do you DO?!


Kimberly said...

Ack! What a crummy situation! How do you chose been pain and creeped-out-ed-ness?

Barb said...

It makes it hard to enjoy the massage when you want to jump off the table and run screaming for the hills!

k said...

The problem is, I don't even have to *enjoy* the massage for it to *work.* It's not exactly the enjoyable kind of massage anyway. It's a lot more like physical therapy. So, I'll leave. Totally creeped out. But feeling *fantastic.* ARGH!

mom said...

Then bring someone with you. Creepy factor diminishes.