Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sent down by God, herself

This is the best invention, like, ever. I am so in love with this thing, that I am going to write it a haiku.
My robot vacuum
you clean my floors without help
you rock my whole world


Audra said...

I have seen this and I love it! Hint, hint into internet land. Christmas is around the corner. Pass this info along to all who will listen.

k said...

I will tell anyone that asks me!

My dad bought me this roomba. He told me that if I was going to have babies I would need one. I thought he was being kind of a techno-overenthused engineer, but it turns out he was SOOOO right! Praise to my poppa!

Mom said...

When I showed dad this entry, he chuckled and nodded--and then told me to send the haiku on to Roomba.

januarys said...

i can't believe they work!! it's so rare that any of my as-seen-on-tv fantasy products can live up to their ads. yay!!

Mykell said...

Your haiku made me laugh. I will have to check into this "roomba" thing. I've seen one in action before, but it wasn't in action for very long, since the cat came into the room and apparently some cats are really enthused with roombas as well. So much so that they have to be separated from each other immediately.