Thursday, September 04, 2008

Dr. Canada! I forgot to tell you this joke while you were in town!

(courtesy of my bff)

there was a surgeon who died and walked up to the gates of St. Peter.

St Peter: "You can't come in here yet: you need to go wait at the end of the line."

the surgeon looked back at the really long line and said, "but I'm a surgeon, I don't wait in lines!"

St Peter: "Sorry, you have to wait in line."

Just then a man wearing surgical scrubs walked right up to the gate, waved at St. Peter and walked through.

Dead Surgeon: "How come THAT surgeon doesn't have to wait in line?"

St Peter: "Oh, that guy?" Shrug. "He's not really a surgeon."

Dead Surgeon: "yes he was! And he just got to walk in!"

St Peter: "No, that was God. Sometimes he likes to play surgeon."

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