Sunday, September 07, 2008

Miss Provo Wants Some Help Choosing a Pageant Photo


Reid said...

First one.

Trisha said...

They are beautiful of course, but I choose the second one. I've never looked at your blog (didn't know you had one) and you are just crazy hilarous. Loved the "Breaking Dawn" breakdown by Edward!!! Too funny, would of saved me 3 days of reading it close to nonstop. I'll have to keep up on your nutty posts, silly girl!

Kerry said...

I'm glad you found me, trish! and thanks for voting, reid!

Amanda/Mandy said...

Have her find a friend who is a budding photographer and do a head shot and not a cropped picture with a background. (That's my $0.02) :)

Chedner said...

Out of the ones presented here, I'd say the first.

However, if you wanted to get a professional: Three Winks Studio. This photographer took some pictures for a musician I know, and I absolutely LOVE the colours, lighting, etc.

SpAz said...

Don't get me wrong. Miss Provo is pretty.

But these photos are just NOT pageant winners.

The first one looks like she has a fat cheek, the second looks like her nose is caving in, and when you add the light spots under her eyes it's kinda like the triforce, and the third one is washed out and the light spots under her eyes aren't helping.

That's my two cents, but I promise I'm not a mean person :P