Thursday, September 11, 2008

Any Shaman's Out There?

Because my dreams lately have been WACKED.

For example, last night, I dreamed that I went to church in Paris, where they talked about sex instead of Jesus and then they put my baby in a casserole dish of rice and paraded her around the room. I turned to my friend, Janet, who had super thick hair down to her butt and was two and a half months pregnant (both things surprising for those who know her) and we just shook our heads and said, "Oh, my. That is strange. Well, should we go make jewelry in the bathroom?" Which we did. While I told her about my train trip through Germany's Rain Forest.

Then, like most mornings, the dream ended suddenly when a real-life baby butt landed on my face and a binkie-faced Lily hit my head with the TV remote and said, "Mommy, wake up. I want to watch Caillou."

For those who aren't familiar with Caillou, it is the brain child of a seriously warped Canadian (not all Canadians are warped, of course; but this one sure is) who decided to try and convince all the children of the world that tantrum throwing and crazy whining will be rewarded with fun crafts!




Mark- TCM said...

Weird! I didn't know Germany had a rain forest!

Penelope said...

Well, the French are interesting. Perhaps they do talk about sex and parade babies around in pottery at the local cathedral.


Anonymous said...

Shoot take me to that church!! Let's start our own religion!!

kathy said...

no interepretation...but that picture is hilarious. My dreams are weird and jump all over like that. I try not to find meanings, worried what they might mean:)

Johnna said...

It's like four days later, and I'm still amused by the idea of Janet with superlong hair.