Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Margie Mills reminded me

that it's almost christmas and I haven't posted my favorite christmas picture of all time yet.

Sam used to do baby sign language. this is him doing the sign for "help."

I know I post it every year, but I can't help myself cuz it's too fantastic.

(and to any interested parties--and by this I primarily mean a grandma or maybe two--I made it into an ornament here.)


Peggy said...

Oh my. Beyond my ability to resist. Let "other ones" know I got them one so they don't have to pay out-of-country shipping.

Catherine said...

All time classic! I am still cracking up!

Sara said...

I just love this! Adorable!

Every parent should sign with their baby! Remember to sign the word as you say it and to use keys American Sign Language signs to narrate your child’s world! Keep on sharing!

Sara Bingham, author of The Baby Signing Book

bff said...

Oh man, he was so little! Except for his big old I'm-going-to-be-seven-feet-tall feet.

Amy said...

Have you considered submitting the picture to

It's a guaranteed winner.