Sunday, December 06, 2009

Proctor and Gamble Take Note:

my students are writing (pretty impressive!) songs about Kellogg's Special K. students will say it's for a paper extension. Kellogg's will call it "viral marketing." either way, you should probably watch out.


Kristin said...

the link didn't work! It just directed to the main page of youtube

Kerry said...

weird. it works for me. do you need to sign in to youtube first?

Audra said...

The link says that the video is marked private. Dang it! I love this time of year! Come the posts a comin'.

Come visit me over break. It is warmer here!

Kerry said...

I told her to see if she could re-mark it as public.

and, Audra, the pictures from your blog looked so... *warm.* nice.