Saturday, December 12, 2009

Somebody give that kid a dollar.

me: "Okay, well, it's like almost 10AM. We should all get out of bed now." [Among other reasons, the bed is just not big enough for four of us.]

Steve: [groans]

Sam and Lily: [screech with laughter and start jumping around.]

me: "Should we go shopping today? Finish buying presents?"

Sam: "Oh, Mommy. I don't need any more presents."

me: "Huh, what?"

Sam: "I already have the best present of all: you as a mom."

Steve: "Oh, that's so sweet. Kerry, would you pass me some insulin?"

Sam: "Let's all take a group hug!"

ps: Sam was totally sincere; he's five and doesn't understand sarcasm yet. plus he hasn't had grad school erode his heart like Steve.


Kathy said...

that is the sweetest ever! You are his best present. I really love how much he loves you. We really miss you guys too, wish we were coming for christmas.

Trisha said...

I hope Ava says things like that to me someday, though I don't see it happening. :)