Monday, December 07, 2009

Things students will do for paper extentions:

wear (actual) Miss America crowns (circa the 1980's and from a maternal source). then they will wave for us.

challenge another (paper-extension-needing) student to a marshmallow eating contest. winner = 27 marshmallows in her mouth at once. (second place: 24 marshmallows.)

lick the wall

stand next to Karl and erect a hand-made addition (complete with erection ceremony)(he brought tissues for when we got weepy): a statuette of SWILUA, "standing on the shoulders of giants." ps: I actually did get weepy for half a second; but that might have been snow in my eyes, hard to tell.

wear footie PJ's all day. with pride.

walk around with signs on their backs:


Johnna said...

Okay, I want the backstory on the maternal source for actual Miss America crown. Your mother or the student's mother? Is Mrs. Hawkes in this story?

Kerry said...

there's not too much backstory that I know. her mom was Miss America. her last name *is* Hawkes, though, so maybe you know more that I do.

CSIowa said...

I've been wondering whether the students come up with their own "thing I will do for a paper extension" or if you have created a hatful from which they draw at random.

Kerry said...

when they know their paper is going to be late, they write up a two page list of things they're willing to do for an extension. then I get to choose one item off the list for every day the paper is late. So they come up with the ideas, but I give the final say. (I don't want to see anyone naked, for example, and yet there are always people who right things about streaking on their lists. Gah! ;-)

though, I have to say that the wall-licker, I just told her to pick randomly herself because I would have been too grossed out to pick that one.

Kerry said...

and by "right" I meant "write." cuz, like, I'm a writing teacher and NEVER make embarrassing spelling mistakes.

CSIowa said...

I was just thinking "Charlene Wells can't be old enough to have a daughter in college," and then I realized that MY daughter just filled out her application to BYU last week. Ouch.