Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Things students will do for paper extensions:

explain to us all the REAL reason behind global warming... in Spanish with their mouths taped shut

wear their hair like Shirley Temple

give us a projector show of their baby pictures

eat a full piece of pizza with a full cup of applesauce dumped on top

lead the class in some yoga and pilates; aka "yogalates"

bake a SWILUA sculpture with eerie likeness

kiss the ground SWILUA walks on

and dress like... this.


nicole said...

I must must must:
a) come up with an honorarium at least half as cool as SWILUA,
b) learn how to effectively implement the paper extension activities, and
c) experiment on my own students

I've decided this will make my life much more interesting. Any tips?

Kerry said...

I put it on the syllabus, which is titled, "SWILUA's Manifesto." You can have it if you want.

(You can copy it if you want, too. I sort of copied the persona of "SWILUA" from Zina who calls herself, "She who must be obeyed." Teaching is all ABOUT stealing stuff from people, right?)

nicole said...

Oh, man. Don't tempt me like that unless you mean it.

You know my email address.

And I'll be coming through town in January to buy you ice cream.